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The world is changing faster than ever, and Internet related technologies is one of the fastest. Every year there is new hardware, software and technology released. This year we've seen the rise of Artificial Intelligence and the gaming changing technology called ChatGPT, Google Bard and other amazing tools that will improve our lives for the better. 

Learning these new technologies can be difficult, and getting left behind is scary for most people. Others may be just getting started on their computing career and looking for the best way into this space, but not sure whether they need an accredited qualification or whether they can learn by themselves.

Kapiti.IT offers a range of training courses to suit every ability, whether you're just starting out, or you want to learn something new. We use these technologies and applications almost daily, and our down to earth attitude, patience and willingness to help you succeed will ensure you get a lot out of our training courses.

We are able to train you as an individual, a group of people in a classroom style environment, or as a community group. We're also willing and able to share our experience with non profits, charities and other community projects that help our fellow Coasties.

Kapiti IT Training We Help With:

Below are some common IT training we do for our clients to give you an idea on what we can do/help you with too.

Computing 101, first time on the computer
IT getting started guide for older population
Using Windows 11, or Windows 10 basics
How and why to use an antivirus program
Using a web browser for surfing and banking
Windows update installation and management
Installing and configuring software
Assistance with printers, fax and scanning
Installing Office suite; word, excel, etc.
Installing and using Adobe PDF
Using and customising Adobe Photoshop
Sharepoint and Onedrive for work, personal
Recommending software, licensing and installations
Management of Office365 or Google Workspace 
Assistance with smart home technology
Setting up Apple devices, iPad, iPhone etc.
Assistance with mobile devices, iOS and Android
Setting up personal email, work email, signatures etc.
Installing new wireless router, access points
Online safety and cyber security awareness training.

Kapiti IT Training We Offer

If you're a charity, non profit or community group, please get in contact and we'll see how we can assist you.

Beginner IT Training

From $115 Per Hour.

Basics on using the computer, wireless, Internet, antivirus, email, smartphones and more.

App Specific Training

From $125+gst Per Hour.

When further research and tuition is required, such as using Office suite for work, Office 365, Adobe etc.

Staff IT Training

From $125+gst Per Hour

Training one or multiple staff on specific IT hardware, software, tools, programs etc. We can come to your business or at a shared office location. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

From $125+gst Per Hour

Join one of our community classes and learn something new about computing and IT for a gold coin donation to a local charity. 

Smart Home Setup

From $115 Per Hour.

When you'd rather do it yourself than use our smart home solution services, we'll show you how to create the ultimate smart home. We do the training, planning and then you implement it. A full day (8 hours) will get most people up to speed!

Cyber Security Training

From $125+GST Per Hour.

Great for small to medium businesses looking to improve their cyber security awareness and ensure they are secure, protected and training for staff on best security practices. A gateway towards our more security focused work and consulting if you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge?

Beginner training courses cost $95 per hour and fall under our standard callout rates. A travel fee may apply for some addresses further north than Te Horo and further south that Pukerua Bay. 

Our more advanced training in application specific apps such as Adobe, Canva, Office, Office365, Email, WordPress are $150 per hour. A more experienced IT engineer will take this training.

Our Artificial Intelligence courses are $150 per hour and cover a wide range of tools such as ChatGPT, Bard and third party plugins that integrate with these. We'll show you how to integrate AI into your work or daily life. 

Our smart home setup course is great for those that want to learn how to start a smart home, how to integrate everything together and do it themselves, without paying for a smart home solution. This is a full day at your home or business and is $975+gst. 

Our staff training is great for small, medium and large businesses that wish to train their staff in specific applications such as Office 365 prior or after migrating. We can do the training in person, virtually or as a floor walker after a migration jumping in and assisting staff on migration day. This starts at $180+gst per hour but can vary depending on number of staff, type of training and location required. 

Finally our cyber security training is important for auditing and ensuring your online security is up to par. This can be a great way to get insights into your business' online security, best practices and staff training. This starts at $180+gst per hour but will depend on individual clients needs and expectations. 

How does the beginner IT training work?

Beginner IT training is based on our standard callout rates in the Kapiti region and the training takes place in your own home, using your own technology. We can supply phones, tablets, computers if required (additional fee may apply). Any member of our team will perform this training but the same tech will return for future training sessions if more than 1 is required so you can continue learning at your pace.

We can structure our beginner IT training to your needs and desires. For example if you've never used a computer before we can start there, or if you're already using one but wish to explore email, caring for your computer, wireless settings or something else, then we can start there too.

Most clients book us for multiple training sessions and discounts are available for bulk bookings, i.e. 4 hour booking.

If you're unsure if we can help with your beginner IT training please give us a ring and we'll talk you through it.

Other techs have got annoyed in the past, are you the same?

Definitely not. We have heard of this from clients who have used the bigger guys in the market, often those where employees do the work and owners sit back at the office collecting commissions on every job. Not all IT techs are sociable and that's a key skill that's required when it comes to training others on IT tech.

We are owner operators and treat every client the same regardless of job or training required. We love training and sharing our knowledge with others. We can adjust our style of communicating to your level of tech knowhow and capability. We definitely won't geek out on words you don't understand and the training is done at your pace. Want to spend a little longer, we'll go over it again. Want to speed up, let's do it!

We offer our training on an hourly level, rather than locking you into a full day or week upfront. This lets you get a feel for our teaching and training abilities. If we're not a good fit for each other, then you aren't wasting money. If you have a great time and want us back, then lock us in for future training sessions.

Why is business more expensive?

Business training requires more senior engineers or IT trainers that have experience presenting in front of larger audiences and often at a higher level. Your employees may have more experience in certain applications than a younger member of our team so to avoid any awkward situations we'll always send our most experienced engineer to ensure you're getting the highest level of training. This costs more than our junior members that perform residential training. All business rates are quoted exclusive of GST. 

Can you create virtual training programs?

Yes we can, we have the tools in place to record video content, knowledgebase article creation and step-by-step onboarding or client training videos. Please get in touch for a chat about what's possible. 

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