Last Updated: November 30th 2023.

1. Definitions

"Business Hours" - means 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday. 

"Callout" means a visit by one of our engineers to your residential or commercial property for providing services, or products.

"Cancellation Fee" means a fee paid for cancelling your callout with less than 3 business hours notice. Free cancellation is included on all other callouts booked.

"No Show Fee" means a fee of the first hour ($95 inc GST) when a customer isn't at home or work for a callout and our engineer is unable to attend the job that was originally booked. 

"Fees" means a minimum and incremental fee for callouts as listed below:

2. Callouts 

2.1 When you book a callout using our online booking form, or call centre, we'll send an engineer to attend your premises for the Callout at the chosen time.

2.2 To cancel a job you should click the link in your confirmation email and SMS, or by calling one of our operators no less than 3 hours before your Callout time slot to avoid a cancellation fee, or a no show fee.

For early appointments the following day, please ensure you cancel the night before. 3 hours cancellation timeframe is business hours, not general hours.

2.3 You will notify us in advance if there are any potential dangers at your property to our engineers or their vehicles, such as dogs or building works. 


3. Services

We will perform our services in accordance with these terms and conditions.

3.1 For new and existing customers we will:

a) Follow up with a phone call to get more context prior to attending

b) Advise you over the phone if it's unlikely we can help, to avoid any Callout fees if we do attend your property and can't assist. 

c) Let you decide if you still require a Callout booked. 

3.2 Upon arrival at your premises, we will:

a) Try and diagnose the problem described

b) Ask you to show us the problem or issue for faster remedial action

c) Provide you with an estimate of the time required.

3.3 The likely duration of the Callout will be agreed in advance. Some jobs take much longer than others. If the Services are not completed during this time, you may be asked to extend the Callout, arranging another Callout or abandoning services. If you decide to stop a Callout, you may do so, however you will be charged for the time taken thus far, with a minimum of one hour.

3.4 To allow us to provide Services to you, you must provide us with information, assistance, co-operation and access to your property and any relevant equipment so we can undertake the Services quickly and efficiently.

3.5 All clients must be aged 16 or over, and must be present while we provide Services.

3.6 We provide no guarantees that our Services will fix or resolve your issues permanently and they may reappear again in the future after our visit. We will not be liable for failing to meet any objectives provided or for any re-occuring issues, as a result of old or existing technology or IT equipment failing. 

4. Products

4.1 Some jobs or projects require products to be purchased as part of a Callout and are subject to these terms and conditions.

4.2 Where products are purchased and supplied by Kapiti.IT, ownership of these products remains with us until full payment is made using cleared funds. 

4.3 We supply the products on condition that they are in our possession until your invoice has been paid. We may re-possess or re-sell or remove these products by entering your property without notice to recover these in the event that payment is not forthcoming or hasn't been paid.

4.4 Upon delivery of products, any future loss or damage to the products, or as a result of the deterioration of such products is at your risk. We will not be responsible for any loss or damage caused to your property after supplying and transfering ownership of these goods into your control.

5. Payments

5.1 We require payment on closure of the Callout for new clients unless we let you pay within 7 days (NET7). If asked to settle at time of callout you will be asked to settle your payment by mobile EFTPOS, online banking or cash. 

5.2 Existing clients are given 7 days to settle their bills under our NET7 payment terms. We require payment via online credit/debit card, Paypal, online banking or Afterpay/Alipay (+7% transaction fee). 

5.3 Any other amounts payable such as Cancellation Fees or No Show Fees are requested to be paid immediately upon issuance of an invoice.

5.4 If products are to be supplied by us, you may be asked to pay for these upfront, or a 50% deposit which is used to secure the goods. We will be unable to deliver or install these products until payment is made. 

5.5 We send weekly reminders for 4 weeks after your Callout. If payment hasn't be made after this time, you must pay us a $50 late payment fee and interest at the rate of 25% per annum from the due date until the payment is received by us via cleared funds. We may send large debts to our debt collection agency. 

5.6 If your account is in default, we reserve the right to stop any future work on your premises until the debt has been repaid.

5.7 We don't charge a payment fee for cleared fund payments, however bank and finance companies charge a processing fee which is passed onto our customers for credit card transactions (+3%), Paypal (+3%) and Afterpay/Alipay (+7%). We recommend paying with bank deposit, debit card or cash to save on these fees.

6. Business / Commercial Clients

6.1 All business and commercial clients will be quoted and invoiced excluding GST. 

6.2 Our commercial Callout rate is higher than residential due to a more experienced technician attending your property. Small business clients that work from home are welcome to choose residential rates however further discussion on site will need to be had after initial visit. 

6.3 Commercial clients will be required to make payment within 7 days after invoice has been sent. 

6.4 Where IT equipment is supplied by Kapiti.IT - we may require a deposit of 50-100% to secure and supply hardware. 

6.5  All hardware supplied by us is the property of Kapiti.IT until full payment of invoice has been received. Until payment has been made, no warranty information will be given to client. Kapiti.IT reserves the right to enter property to retrieve this hardware without notice or warning if no payment is forthcoming after 30 days.

6.6 Commercial clients are excluded from our money back guarantee.

6.7 Where a client requests Kapiti.IT complete a Non Disclosure Agreement, this needs to be done before work starts. 

7. Confidentiality 

7.1 We ensure all information obtained and provided by you while providing Services and Products will not be used for any other purpose than for providing such tasks. This doesn't include information that is in the public domain.

7.2 You authorise us to collect, retain, use and provide your contact information to our staff and on site engineers for the purpose of offering Services to you, marketing and enforcing our rights.

FREE Cancellation & Reschedule Up to 3 Hours Before

We're pretty flexible here at Kapiti.IT and allow you to cancel or reschedule in real time without charge up to 3 hours before your initial appointment. Click the link in your email, or SMS to choose a new time slot, or cancel. 

<3 Hours Cancellation Fee - $95

Like any small business we have wages to pay so wasted trips are not fun for either us or our staff and are costly to us. 

We send you a reminder email 24 hours before, and a text message 3-6 hours before to ensure you are at home or work when we attend. 

We Only Charge Time & Materials

We charge 1 hour minimum regardless of time taken. This covers our travel time. If your job lasts longer than 1 hour we charge in 15 minute increments. Any additional hardware or software needed can be provided by Kapiti.IT or yourself using local IT store. We can get similar or better pricing for you. 

Travel Fees

We offer no travel surcharge for addresses in Paraparaumu, Raumati, Waikanae, Te Horo, Te Horo beach and surrounding areas. We charge $25, $45 and $65 depending on locality and distance from Paraparaumu. Up to date, real time rates can be found on our pricing and rates page. 

Payment Terms

We require payment on completion of work for all NEW clients unless by agreed during callout payment will be made at a later time. Once you've used us once, future payments can be made NET7 - as in 7 days after we've visited your property.

We offer cash, mobile EFTPOS, bank deposit, Paypal.

Alipay and Afterpay accepted (7% surcharge for these two applies). 

Emergency Callout Fee

If you have an emergency, we recommend checking out this page for more information. We charge an extra $70 per hour for this service due to staffing hourly rates. The total amount comes to $165 per hour including GST. This fee is only on the first hour, and then normal rates apply. An additional travel fee may also apply depending on location.

If We Can't Help You, How Much Do I Pay?

We request you provide us some context during your booking. We followup with all NEW clients first to ensure we can actually help them, so this shouldn't be an issue for you. If you still wish for us to attend, we'll charge the first hour's fee. 

Materials & Hardware

From time to time, you may require additional hardware or a new part for your existing technology. If you'd like to buy yourself to save money, we recommend purchasing from a local retailer such as PB Tech, Noel Leeming, Jaycar, Computer Lounge and we can install it for you. Alternatively we can supply and install on your behalf with a small surcharge. Our prices attract a 5-15% margin.


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