25+ of our most commonly asked and answered questions.

My computer won’t start, can you help?

Yes, we can. We have experience dealing with issues such as stuck on the loading screen, Windows logon screen, black screen with mouse, blue screen of death, as well as stranger issues such as unlicensed, corrupted and damaged error messages. Jobs such as this can take many hours, and can often be expensive, so clients may expect larger bills.

I damaged my computer, can you help?

We don’t fix damaged (drop/water) computers or laptops at this stage. We would recommend contacting the manufacturer for the best way to fix your device. If you’re out of warranty, there are many IT repair companies throughout Wellington region. Prices are usually quite high, so if you can fix it yourself, we’d recommend trying that. Parts can usually be bought on PB Tech for most major brands.

Do you fix broken or damaged mobile phones?

No, we do not offer mobile hardware services such as replacement screens, batteries, water damage. We can help with other mobile related support such as setting up email, printer apps, connecting to WiFi, training etc.

Can you fix my scanner or printer?

Yes. This is a common request and printing issues are often quick to resolve. Scanning can be more tricky but we are competent with most brands such as Brother, HP, Fujifilm and Canon. Often with scanning, due to Windows updates or software changes your old way of scanning will no longer work and this may be why it's not working. Printer manufacturers rarely keep their software up to date for consumers and apps from Microsoft store are outdated too. We can setup other methods such as Scan to Folder, Scan to Email and Scan to NAS. We'll attempt to make your scanning as simple as possible but often it can take longer than one hour. If you do lots of scanning we always recommend picking a more commercial grade multi function printer, over a cheap $100 printer for auto feeding, better support etc.  

Do you create websites or host websites?

Yes we offer web hosting using our managed hosting solutions. This includes daily backups, fast web hosting in our Sydney datacenter (NZ on request). Further we do create small websites via WordPress as well as eCommerce using Woocommerce. Prices vary depending on your requirements. Lastly we can provide domain names including DNS management using our superfast DNS network. 

I have a virus, can you remove it?

Viruses, malware, spyware and ransomware are annoying, and can definitely be removed through powerful software that Kapiti.IT has in their arsenal. Some clients may be infected so severely, that a new hard drive is the quickest and easiest way to resolve the issue. We will recommend the best and most cost effective solution for you. 

Can you quote for the job rather than hourly?

Yes for larger projects and work we will quote for the job. This saves you unexpected large bills and is helpful for us and you as you'll know what to expect. Where hardware or materials are required we would require a 50% deposit, with the remaining balance due upon completion of the job. This is common on enterprise projects and Microsoft migrations

I want a smart home, or smart device setup?

We offer a free on site quote for smart home works, whether a complete home install, a few rooms or a single area, please book and we'll contact you to arrange a time for a no obligation quote. For one off work or to install a smart product you've bought from a retailer, please book our callout service and we'll get you sorted. 

I have a new phone, can you setup my email?

Yes we can, however we would recommend checking out our free knowledgebase articles on this topic. You may save yourself time and money as setting up email is a straight forward task if you have the required information to hand such as server, username and password. 

I want to backup my data, can you help?

Yes we can. Whether you want to backup to Google Drive, iCloud (Apple), Sharepoint, Onedrive, Dropbox or, we can help show you how to do this automatically. We’ll also show you how to sync your files. 

Further you may want to use a local NAS server or web server to backup your data which we can assist with. 

I have slow Internet, can you help?

Yes we can. This is one of our most requested callouts, as it’s either your ISP, Chorus fibre link to your property, or your own hardware at fault. We have hardware to test your line speed and can help you to increase your speeds to their full potential. We’ll also help to ensure it’s not a wireless coverage issue you’re actually experiencing. 

My wireless coverage sucks, what can I do?

One of the most common jobs we attend and we’ve been working with wireless and networking technology for many years. Often it’s related to the inferior router your ISP provided to you. This may be good for a one bedroom apartment, but not a 5 bedroom house. We can increase coverage using budget friendly or commercial grade equipment to ensure you have 4 bars in every room.

Can you help with Office suite (Word, Excel, Outlook)?

Yes absolutely, we are experts with Microsoft Office. Please get in touch for further assistance. 

I need you to install my smart CCTV cameras?

Yes we can do this for you and ensure everything is setup correctly. You must buy and supply your own equipment. From solar power, battery to POE, we can assist with your installation from an IT perspective and integration with a smart home as well as any NVR or storage devices. We are not a security company so we cannot assist with supplying hardware, installing 24/7 cctv, monitoring, security services, alarms or other tasks that require a security license. 

I’ve lost important data, can you recover it?

We can definitely try our best with good chance of success however data recovery is a tricky one as it depends on a wide range of factors such as date lost, reason for loss and data file type. Please get in contact before booking a job to avoid disappointment.

Can you block websites or apps for me?

Yes we can. Often a child, family member or room mate is accessing sites that are inappropriate (i.e. adult content) or time consuming (i.e. Facebook after 9pm). We can take a look at your existing router and see what we can do. 

For complete parental management of websites, a replacement router may be required which Kapiti.IT can supply, install and configure.

Can you replace my router or modem?

Yes we can. This is straight forward, however we recommend ensuring you have your ISP login details on hand for easy switchover however most Fibre providers no longer require login details. We also recommend having your wireless network name and password, to avoid re-configuring all your devices around your home or business.

I want wireless outside, can you help?

Yes, from log cabins to pool areas, to backyard sleepouts, wireless is important to nearly all of us. We can help you get coverage outside as far away as you can dream of. From commercial settings to residential, we have had experience with a wide range of clients. Price/s vary depending on distance and complexity so please get in touch.

I want commercial wireless at home, thoughts?

We would definitely recommend this approach to anyone who wants complete control over their network such as CCTV cameras, managing firewall rules, configuring vlan’s, adding network devices such as storage NAS and more. We have experience with Ubiquiti, Aruba and Cisco gear. 

Can you help with IT software training?

Yes we can assist with IT training, from Microsoft Office to more specialised applications such as Adobe PDF and graphical tools, we have experience installing and configuring these for home or business use. We also have experience holding training events for your staff, so please get in touch.

Can you install or setup a VPN for me?

Yes we can, whether you want to watch overseas TV or access your work network from home, a VPN is a very useful tool and we have experience installing and configuring these. We can also troubleshoot connection issues quickly, should you need help with this too.

Can you install or setup smart home tech?

Yes we can assist with smart home technology. This is one of our most enjoyable jobs, seeing how our clients lives are changed by using such technology. From basic things such as smart lights, through to garage door openers or automatic blinds, we have experience with it all. From complete install packages to a few pieces of equipment here and there, please get in touch.

I have a unique IT issue, can you come round?

Absolutely, we do love a curveball however you may just be having difficulty explaining the issue to us. Please note our usual hourly rates would apply. Check our rate card for latest price/s. 

Can you setup a PLEX media server?

Yes we can. Using a local NAS on your home network and smart TV we can integrate them together. 

We’re a business and need you all day?

Absolutely, we have IT experts available all day whether you want our partner support service, or business support. Our daily rate is a minimum of 7 hours. We offer a discount on full day rates. Travel time, kms allowance, hotels (if required) and any materials are charged additionally to the hourly rates. 

Experts can work a maximum of 10 hours per day but most client requirements are around 7-8 per day. We offer coverage throughout Wellington and Manawatu with regional travel available if booked in advance.

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