How To Replace Wireless Router Within 1 Hour?

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Replacing your internet router doesn't need to be difficult. If you've ordered a replacement through your Internet provider (ISP) it will come pre-configured, but if you've ordered or bought your own, how do you actually configure your new router?

The first step is to look at your existing setup (if you can). If your ISP requires a login (likely for DSL/VDSL clients) make a note of your username and password. Fibre customers generally don't have any login details however you may need a VLAN tag, in New Zealand this is usually 10 however different providers have different numbers - while other companies have none. 

Secondly, make a note of your wireless SSID and password - this can save you a lot of time, especially if you have lots of devices as you can make the new network name the same as your old one to save hours (if you're a big household or business) but if you want a new network name and/or password you can skip this. 

Next you'll want to plug in your new router, taking note of your ISP - here in the Kapiti Coast many people have Vodafone FibreX or the correct terminology HFC - this is not Fibre regardless of what Vodafone or One.NZ tell you - it's the old TelstraClear underground coaxial cable that offers Fibre like speeds at a cheaper price but it's not Fibre. If you've got this, connect your router to the modem. 

If you've got a Fibre ONT then connect your router to the ONT - usually via port 1 on the ONT. You can use a standard Cat 6 cable for this however if you're paying for more than 1,000mbps connection you'll want to use a Cat 6A cable instead.

You will then need to setup your router by visiting the default gateway in your web browser. This is usually however may be something different. Flip your router over and check the label on the bottom to check the default gateway. 

If you've bought a smart router such as a TP Link Deco, you can usually do the setup via the mobile app instead of the router. Usually mesh routers offer this type of setup such as Google Nest. 

Other routers may include, or router default gateways. While looking at the label check for the default admin username and password as you'll need this to login to the settings if there's n app for your router.

During the setup process for Fibre you'll want to check with your ISP for their settings. For most fibre providers you can choose PPPoE as the connection type and then set a VLAN tag of 10. This should be all you need to get most routers going with Fibre. 

For some providers you may also need a username and password, and others may require you use a static IP address, DNS server and default gateway setting. This is often reserved for businesses though.

Once you've got Internet, generally you'll setup the wireless and to save time you can use your old wireless SSID name and password and put it on the new router. This saves you having to update any old devices such as laptops, mobiles, smart technology etc. 

Alternatively give your new network a name and a password. Make sure you choose a minimum of WPA2 for the security and set a good long password to avoid anyone accessing your network. If you want to create a guest network or setup any VLANs you can do this now too.

And there you have it, you've replaced your wireless router! 

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