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Are you looking for an IT company that is well versed in the Microsoft eco-system including Office and the inner workings of their modern day licensing and deployment options. If so then Kapiti.IT is a good fit for your office needs. From new installations, to configurations specific to your business, to upgrading from a personal to business version, to triaging and troubleshooting issues and fixing them for you, we handle it all.

We've been using Microsoft since 1993 and Office since 1995 so we know our way around Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Access as well as newer applications including teams, Onedrive, Lists and Power Automate. Now you've got office, office 365 and Microsoft 365 which can be very confusing for most people -let us help!

If you're a small business thinking about Microsoft 365 (formerly Office365) for your business be sure to checkout our migration packages, or use our consulting services for advice and guidance on implementing Office and Microsoft 365 into your business.

If you're simply looking for help with office then book our standard callout and one of our team will gladly assist with your office support and setup queries. 

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We Are Kāpiti Microsoft Office Capable

Below are some common office (365) tasks we do for our clients to give you an idea on what we can do/help you with too.

Assist with licensing for Office products
Assist with installing new office products on all devices
Assisting with upgrades or changes to office suite
Migrating to small business Microsoft offering
Setup emails on Microsoft Outlook
Setup and configure Word, Excel, Outlook
Training on how to use Microsoft office
Resetting email profiles, ost and pst files

Microsoft Office FAQs

What is the difference between Office, Office 365 and Microsoft 365?

Microsoft Office, Office 365, and Microsoft 365 are all products developed by Microsoft, but they have different features and services.

Microsoft Office traditionally refers to the standalone, perpetual-license version of Microsoft's productivity suite, which includes applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. You pay once for the software and can use it indefinitely on one machine. However, it doesn't come with the feature updates, support, and cloud services included in subscription-based offerings.

Office 365 is a subscription-based service that provides the same core apps as Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) with the addition of other services that are enabled over the internet (cloud services). These services can include email, online storage with OneDrive, and team communication tools like Teams. Because it's subscription-based, it includes ongoing updates, so you always have the latest features and security updates.

Microsoft 365 is essentially an expanded version of Office 365. It offers everything Office 365 does and more, integrating Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) along with the Office 365 suite. EMS provides identity and access management, threat protection, information protection, and security management. So, Microsoft 365 is an all-encompassing subscription that includes full Office applications, Windows 10 upgrades, and sophisticated security and management tools.

Do I need to pay for Microsoft office?

Yes you do, there is no free version of Microsoft office although some older computers did ship with a free version of the software called OEM software. These days, you need a license with different options for residential users being Home & Student, a 365 subscription (monthly or yearly), and business users can use Office for Business or more formerly Microsoft 365 for Business. You can get a free trial of Microsoft 365. 

Can you help with backing up my data (emails etc)

Yes absolutely, backing up emails is very straight forward using PST export, and then import to your new mailbox. For example moving from one email host to another can be done very fast. 

What is Onedrive and how does it integrate with Office?

OneDrive is Microsoft's cloud-based storage service, akin to Google Drive or Apple's iCloud. It allows users to save files online in a secure environment and access them from anywhere using any device - a computer, smartphone, or tablet, as long as they have internet access.

Integration of OneDrive with Microsoft Office, particularly with Office 365 or Microsoft 365, offers several advantages:

Anywhere Access: Any documents, spreadsheets, presentations, or other files you create or edit in Office can be saved directly to OneDrive, making them accessible from any device, anytime, as long as you're connected to the internet.

Collaboration: OneDrive allows for easy file sharing and real-time collaboration. This means multiple people can work on a Word document, Excel spreadsheet, or PowerPoint presentation at the same time without creating conflicting versions.

Version History: OneDrive keeps track of your versions and changes, so you can revert to an older version if needed. This is particularly useful if you accidentally delete or change something you didn't mean to.

Syncing: With OneDrive, you can sync your files across multiple devices. This means that if you change a document on your desktop, you'll see the same changes when you open it on your laptop or smartphone.

Extra Storage: Microsoft 365 subscriptions come with a significant amount of OneDrive storage. This can range from 1TB to unlimited storage, depending on your subscription level. Their free version via Outlook.com or Hotmail is only 15GB which is insufficient for most people. 

Security: OneDrive also helps protect your files if your device is lost or stolen. Since files are stored in the cloud, you're not at risk of losing your files if something happens to your device.

Back-up: OneDrive can be used as a backup solution for your files. By saving your files in OneDrive, you have a backup copy in the cloud.

In essence, the integration of OneDrive with Office allows for seamless, secure, and productive work across different devices and with other people.

Can you provide Office licensing?

Yes we can help with Microsoft licensing however we aren't a reseller so you'll pay Microsoft or a reseller directly. 

Can you help move me from Google docs to Microsoft Office?

Yes we can help do this for you.

What is the benefits of using Office over free alternatives?

Microsoft Office, despite having paid versions, does offer several advantages over many free alternatives. Here are a few key benefits:

Comprehensive Features: Microsoft Office, particularly Microsoft 365, offers a comprehensive suite of advanced features that many free alternatives do not. This includes advanced reviewing and editing tools in Word, a wide range of pre-set formulas and the Power Query tool in Excel, and sophisticated presentation tools in PowerPoint.

Compatibility and Standardisation: Microsoft Office is widely used in businesses and institutions around the world. Using Office ensures maximum compatibility when sharing documents with others. This can reduce formatting issues that sometimes occur when opening documents created in other software.

Integration: Microsoft Office integrates well with other Microsoft products, including Windows, Outlook, Teams, and OneDrive. This can streamline your workflow, especially in a business environment.

Support and Updates: Paid Microsoft Office subscriptions include tech support and regular updates. This ensures you always have the latest features and security patches. Free alternatives may not offer this level of support and updates.

Collaboration: Microsoft Office (especially the 365 version) offers robust collaboration features, including real-time co-editing, comments, and easy file sharing. While some free alternatives offer similar features, Office is often considered more reliable and efficient in this area.

Cloud Storage: With a Microsoft 365 subscription, you get a significant amount of OneDrive cloud storage, allowing you to access your files from any device.

Training and Resources: There's an abundance of training materials and resources available for Microsoft Office products, given their long-standing prevalence in the industry. This can make it easier to learn how to use these applications effectively.

Remember that the best choice depends on your specific needs. Free alternatives like Google Docs or OpenOffice might serve you well for basic tasks, and their cost-effectiveness is a significant advantage. However, for advanced features, extensive compatibility, and robust support, Microsoft Office often stands out.


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