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Dear Website Owner,

For most startups and small businesses, having a fast loading, reliable and secure website is critical for business credibility but also for SEO purposes. Further paid ads, are you aware of how many people hit back before actually landing on your website, yet you're still paying up to $10 per click?

Whether you're running WordPress or your own CMS, regular updates to software and database maintenance is important - there's nearly a cyber attack per day in New Zealand, so protecting yourself from security vulnerabilities is a must! 

Most people put their trust in their small-time web hosting company, web designer or IT guy who knows a little bit about web development or hosting a site, and not a lot about security, DNS, caching, backups and the importance of regular maintenance to ensure their website is always online, always recoverable in the event of a major disaster and is free from malware, spyware and other vulnerabilities such as SQL injection attacks and ransomware.

Our managed web hosting is a complete done for you solution for hosting your website, database or web application. Whether you've got a small WordPress blog, a powerhouse eCommerce store, or you're hosting the next major conference website, we'll take care of it. 

Managed hosting isn't a one size fits all, so we can't give you a package but we charge a minimum of $295 per month which includes one hour of support, maintenance and security on your website. If something breaks, our daily backups can be restored fast. If more time is required we charge out of scope under time and materials billing. Additionally you'll pay for resources you use such as disk space, bandwidth, server location, backups required (hourly, daily, monthly etc) and any special features such as MYSQL or CDN disk space.

Why You Need Managed Hosting

Firstly, our managed hosting solution isn't for everyone. If you've got a web presence for the purpose of attracting a few extra leads per month, we're not expecting you to want this service. Your web host will do a great job. 

If you're a growing website and want the very best support, security and done-for-you solution, then managed hosting is the way to go. We'll monitor your website by sending ping requests every 15 minutes, ensuring your website is online and accessible. If it's not, we'll spring into action and fix it.

We'll keep on track of your website security, ensure it's free from malware, SQL-injections and other attacks. We'll ensure your website loads super fast all the time using caching, CDN image hosting and DDoS Protection.

Stop worrying about what to do when your website crashes or goes offline, has a corrupt database or has a major problem. Let us take charge and rectify the situation fast. Want to make changes without fear about the ramifications of doing so? Let us know and we'll take an out of bound update for instant restoration if something breaks!

Want to test something, update your DNS or change something? Let us know via our client portal and we'll sort it fast.

This comes with a low monthly price, often less than 3-4 hours of labour which you'd pay a web designer or employee to do for you. Save the hassle and let an experienced IT company handle it for you.

Pay For What You Need

We don't charge for features you don't need. Below are the basic starting from prices for features below. If you need extras then we can adjust the price accordingly. Our base price is based on the infrastructure of your site.

Custom Website


Per Month +gst (From)

Your own website or application running 24/7, hosted on Linux servers that requires that very best management service.

Accurate quote provided after call.

Most Popular



Per Month +gst (From)

When you need your WordPress website running like clockwork, always online, safe secure and ready to take orders on a small store.

Accurate quote provided after call.



Per Month +gst (From)

Processing lots of orders, hundreds or thousands of daily visitors, we'll ensure your linux servers are running 24/7 with our premium service.

Accurate quote provided after call.

Additional out of scope is billed at $125+gst per hour. 

Our Kapiti Managed Web Hosting Includes:

Monitoring of your website every 15 minutes
Daily backup to our cloud storage platform
Emergency security patching
Emergency security plugin updates (WordPress)
Monthly website audit for security, performance
Ultra fast DNS caching for fast page load times
One hour per month of website optimisation
DDoS protection for website uptime.

Optional Addons:

Cloudflare DDoS protection
Hourly cloud backups to storage platform
Dedicated IP or dedicated server resources
Automatic WordPress plugin updates
Premium caching with Nitropack
Monitoring of your website every 1 or 5 minutes.
CDN for image and content serving
Choice of server location (US, Sydney, Auckland etc)

Managed Web Hosting FAQs

What type of web hosting do you provide?

We offer linux hosting at this stage. We're able to offer a shared service which is on a server with other customers (cheaper option) however recommend clients host on a dedicated service where their website is the only resource. This allows for better allocation of resources and enhanced security as no other client can cause a security breach to a shared server. We use popular cloud services from Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Alibaba Cloud, Linode, Digital Ocean and Vultr. 

What does managed mean?

Managed means we manage your web hosting for you. Traditional web hosts will provide space on a server but little else. If you get hacked or break something they'll likely restore your website for you but may not have up to date backups. Similar to a property manager, we'll manage everything for you. You focus on growing your business, updating content (or let us do that too!). 

Managed means we take care of backups, site migrations, updates, security patching, vulnerability testing as well as notifying you of updates required for plugins etc. This comes for a low monthly fee which includes an hour per month of work on your hosting plus an hourly rate for any out-of-scope work. 

What backups do you offer?

We'll schedule and manage your backups using Wasabi with one click restore by us if the website ever breaks. Backups are king when it comes to making changes to your live website as a major issue could disrupt your business. We offer complimentary daily backups, with hourly backups an optional addon for demanding sites.

Who looks after the domain name?

You manage your domain via your domain provider such as Free Parking, 1stDomains etc. We'll point the domain as a DNS provider such as Cloudflare or Cloudns, allowing us to make DNS changes to your website in realtime without needing access to your domain provider. 

Never let a web host, IT contractor or web designer manage your domain. We've seen far too many businesses end up losing access to their site due to a rogue individual, company going bankrupt or worse, being held to ransom by ex employee or vendor. Recovering a domain name can cost upwards of $3,000+gst and take 3 months and may not be successful either. An appeal costs $8,000 and could take a further 3 months, meanwhile your domain name is completely unuseable. 

Where will you host my website?

For most clients we use a Sydney or Melbourne datacenter. New Zealand doesn't quite have the same level of resources that Australia does. If you're holding sensitive data we can definitely host your website in Auckland or Christchurch. Some clients come to us using Squarespace or Wix, companies which host client sites in the USA. 

Can you sort out my email too?

We recommend clients move their email to a proper email platform such as Microsoft 365 or Google Mail. We do not offer email hosting ourselves as it's too complicated for such a little monthly fee. Spam and spam rules and regulations are difficult to keep up with, whereas big companies like Microsoft are hosting billions of customer email addresses so have no issues. We can help migrate your email to platforms such as Microsoft and you can pay Microsoft directly. We'll help support your email. 

I'm paying $5 a month for hosting, why would I pay $500 per month?

You're paying for our management service. Similar to renting out your home, you can definitely find tenants and handle those business relations by yourself for free, or you could pay a property management company to manage everything for you. This costs money as a labour cost is involved, often a fixed fee per month. Web hosting is similar. If you know what you're doing or are happy with your web hosts service you can definitely pay $5 a month and get by. But what happens when your website crashes, goes offline, database becomes corrupted or gets hacked? Are you able to quickly restore it and have the time and knowledge to do that? Are you able to regularly update all your plugins, test your website and ensure it's always online 24/7 and loads fast? We can and will under our management service which costs more than $5 a month. 


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