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Whether it's POP, IMAP, Microsoft, Google, Xtra, Vodafone or something else, we know it!

Dear Email User,

Are you having issues with your email? Has it just stopped working and you're at a loss as to what to do? 

Are you getting bounce messages, or worse, receiving emails from clients and friends saying they can't email you?

Maybe you've had a new phone and need everything moved across to the new one, or you've got a new piece of tech (tablet?) and want to setup your emails on there too?

Whether you've got a kiwi icon such as an Xtra, Yahoo or Vodafone email address, or something more recent (Google, Hotmail, Microsoft 365, Protonmail) we'll get you up and running again.

Most common email issues relate to Windows updates breaking the settings or a damaged Outlook profile (think, corrupted OST or PST files), but our IT geeks are well experienced with a wide range of issues and will get you back on track.

Further if you'd like to discuss moving your emails from one provider to another, i.e. Google to Microsoft 365 (common for businesses) our migration service is something you should consider. 

Lastly if you're keen on getting Outlook or the full office suite but are put off by the cost involved, or previously had a copy but lost it when your last IT reformatted your computer, it might be time to look at buying a new copy - Kapiti.IT can assist with this too.

If you've made it this far, give us a ring today and let's get your email sorted by tomorrow! 

Want to get email help & support?

Call us today and let's discuss your email needs. 

Common Email Support Tasks

Below are some common email tasks we do for our clients to give you an idea on what we can do/help you with too.

Setup email on a new phone or tablet
Move POP3 emails from old device to new one
Migrate email from old provider to Microsoft 365
Fix Outlook profile errors
Fix Outlook performance and slowness issues
Assistance with shared mailboxes
Assistance with your email calendar
Full development of Shopify apps
Custom Bigcommerce theme development
Custom Bigcommerce checkouts
Setup and configuration of premium themes
Integration with 3PL and supplier product feeds
Integration with other apps via Zapier, Pabbly
Website backups and data integrity.

Kapiti Email Support Pricing

Email Migration


Fixed fee quote required.

Initial scope on work required
Change domain DNS to Global DNS
Backup old emails, calendar, PST etc
Migration to Microsoft 365, restore emails.

Every project is different, contact us for quote.

Great Value

Support & Guidance


Per Hour.

Assistance with email issues on site
Assistance with calendars or email backups
Fast response guaranteed
Knowledgeable IT geeks.

Residential: Price includes GST @ 15%. Business $125+gst/hr

+ Travel fee may be required for some areas (see rate card)

Kapiti Email Expert Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Xtra email settings for Outlook? 

We recommend you choose IMAP unless you're forced to use POP3 by your provider. IMAP keeps a copy on the web server so if you need to access the same emails in multiple places they'll be there. POP3 downloads to the device and removes it from the web server, thus only accessible on one device and can cause data loss if you're not careful.

IMAP is real time, if you delete an email on your phone, tablet or laptop, it will delete it on all those devices! 

IMAP Settings

Incoming Mail Server:
Incoming port: 993 (TLS)

Outgoing server:
Outgoing port: 465 (TLS)

Username: Your full email address, for example,

POP3 Settings

These are the standard settings used by most email apps. POP3 uses a lot more space on your computer as it stores a copy of all your emails on your computer. If there are lots of emails to download, it could use a lot of data when setting your email up for the first time. Windows 8 Mail does not support POP3.

Incoming server:
Incoming port: 995 (TLS)
Outgoing server:
Outgoing port: 465 (TLS)
Username: Your full email address, for example,

What is the best email provider to use (free)?

We personally prefer using Outlook/Hotmail as it's simplicity and powered by Microsoft. Google Mail is another popular offering but personally it's a little clunky for our liking. Other more security focused providers include Protonmail, Fastmail among others. We recommend shying away from small email hosting providers as they are notorious for getting their IPs blacklisted which will result in many missing emails. 

Why am I not receiving emails?

Most common issue is they are in your junk/spam folder, if not there then in your Other folder rather than your Focused if you are using the two mailbox options (common with Microsoft 365, Hotmail). 

If still nothing, send yourself a test email from another email address or ask a friend or partner and see if they get a bounce message, if they do then have a look at the message.

It will say the reason for rejection, it may be something such as the mailbox does not exist - which usually means you haven't paid your bill (common with Google). If it says the mailbox is full, you'll need to delete some emails. If it's more serious then please contact Kapiti IT and we can assist you to decipher the error and advise on the next steps. 

Why can't I email someone I always email?

If this happens you will nearly always receive an immediate bounce/error message or a delayed response. Once you've got this message read through the message and find the reason for the email being generated. It will usually say the message was rejected by the receivers end due to a number of reasons;

It will usually say it's full or no longer exists. The latter being related to likely not paying a bill or being blocked for spam or something similar. You'll need to call or message your contact another way and ask them to resolve.

If the message says your IP has been blacklisted or rejected due to failing a DKIM or SFP check, then you'll need to speak with your own email hosting provider. If this is Microsoft or Google it can be tricky but will likely be affecting more than one person. If you've got your own email hosting (i.e. Microsoft Business) speak to your IT guy or give us a ring and we can help you. If it's a small email host such as a local NZ business, give them a ring or log a ticket. 

I can't open my Outlook profile as it says it's corrupted

If you happen to have an IMAP email service or use one of the big companies such as Microsoft, Google, Protonmail, Hotmail or Yahoo then this won't be too much of an issue as you can recreate the Outlook profile and delete the old one. Your emails will redownload again - depending on how many you've got this might take a while.

The problem has always been those using POP3 - it is quite old technology now but we do see some people using it still and this can be problematic if Outlook profile is corrupt, and/or your computer packs up and requires reformatting as you would lose everything. 

Please give us a ring if you need help with recreating an Outlook profile. 


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